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Colleague coaching or mentoring another colleague

New coaching and mentoring programmes launched to empower talent

25 Jun 2024

People 1st International has introduced two new programmes designed to enhance the coaching and mentoring skills of individuals within businesses.

Continuous development and support for the existing workforce is crucial in enabling them to effectively navigate changes brought about by digitalisation, AI, and sustainability. The use of coaching and mentoring has proven to be an effective tool for fostering lifelong learning within the workplace. By providing employees with guidance, support, and constructive feedback, coaching and mentoring can help individuals reach their full potential.

The new coaching and mentoring programmes from People 1st International aim to enhance the performance of organisations by developing competent managers and leaders who can guide, support, and inspire others in their personal growth and professional development.

Aimed at line managers, supervisors and leaders that are new to coaching and mentoring, through these interactive workshops participants will gain an understanding and practical experience of the different coaching techniques, approaches, and models that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals or teams.

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Introduction to Coaching

1 day | Virtual or face to face | 4-8 participants

Equip your people with the necessary skills, behaviours, and actions needed to become effective coaches. This course will introduce your employees to the fundamental principles of coaching, giving them valuable techniques and approaches to support and motivate others.


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Mentoring with Confidence

1 day | Virtual or face to face | 4-8 participants

Introduce your employees to the key principles of mentoring and equip them with the necessary skills to effectively support mentees. Our goal is to provide practical tools and techniques that will enable your employees to make a positive impact as mentors.


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Jane Rexworthy, Executive Director for People 1st International comments:

“Coaching and mentoring provide a supportive environment for individuals to learn new skills, develop their strengths, and overcome any challenges they may be facing. This not only helps them improve their performance at work but also boosts their confidence and motivation.

“As a valuable addition to our popular Train the Trainer series, these programmes will empower businesses with impactful coaching and mentoring practices that will lead to a positive impact on employee performance, boost morale, and ultimately ensure retention of talent.”

Unlock the potential of your workforce – get in touch today to enquire about training your people to become effective coaches and mentors.

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