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Preparation for the workplace

Unlock the potential of the workforce: Remove barriers to employment and prepare recruits for success in the workplace

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Implement an effective strategy and solutions to remove the barriers to work, increase work readiness, and create a more inclusive environment for new recruits. Our comprehensive approach combines industry-leading research with tailored employment strategies, expert curriculum development, and sustainable delivery methods.

Empower the workforce and support business growth

As the world of work continues to evolve, there is a pressing need to address the growing number of disadvantaged individuals, communities, and groups who struggle to access employment opportunities. Businesses also face a myriad of challenges in recruiting and retaining qualified employees arising from insufficient core, soft, or technical skills observed in new hires.

Our expert team will work closely with you to implement strategies and solutions that help increase workforce productivity, improve retention rates, and drive economic and social inclusion.

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How we can help

Through extensive experience, we have developed tried-and-tested approaches and solutions that contribute towards creating a more diverse, productive and inclusive workplace through effective preparation strategies and solutions.

Research and analysis

Our labour market and skills experts conduct thorough research and analysis to understand your localised situation. We identify the root causes of the barriers to employment and their effects on individuals, businesses and society as a whole. We also collaborate with key stakeholders to understand their needs and context, considering the political, social and economic environment.

Employment strategies

We collaborate with you and key stakeholders to formulate tailored short, medium and long-term strategies to remove barriers to employment, support those not in education, employment or training into work and improve employment opportunities for youth, people with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups. By incorporating best practices, we help you create a workforce that supports economic and social inclusion.

Curriculum development

Our proven curriculum development services benefit individuals and employers alike. With our bespoke and contextualised curricula and pre-employment programmes, covering soft skills and entry-level technical skills, as well as interview and communication skills you can be confident in creating a strong workforce equipped for success.

Implementing effective curriculum delivery

Our commitment doesn’t end at designing and developing comprehensive curriculum; we go beyond that by offering “train the trainer” for long-term programme sustainability. These sessions equip your team with a solid understanding of the curriculum and its objectives and give them the necessary tools and techniques to effectively deliver it to participants.

Facilitating partnerships between industry and education

To bridge the gap between education and industry, we help you establish partnerships that create meaningful learning experiences and offer businesses a chance to shape their future workforce by providing valuable training, resources and work experience opportunities to students. Our goal is to foster collaboration between education and industry to support youth in entering the workforce with confidence and skills.

“Working with People 1st International has enabled us to develop a successful internship and mentoring programme to create a pipeline of talent for our member organisations and to offer career opportunities to young people across the country. In the first phase, over 135 companies registered 500 internships, and 166 mentors were trained. With the support of our partners, we have been able to develop strong relationships with universities and student groups to ensure that our programme is designed not only to meet our members’ skills requirements but, just as importantly, to meet the needs of the young people who will be the future of our country.” HUP, The Croatian Employers’ Association

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