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WorldHost Dealing with Conflict

Equip employees with the strategies to deal with conflict, anger and abuse as a customer facing employee in the workplace

Restaurant guests in conflict with staff

WorldHost customer service training is an interactive, engaging experience for your staff, covering real-world situations. Flexible content ensures that workshops are always highly relevant allowing trainers to adapt the content to suit your organisation.

The WorldHost ‘Dealing with Conflict’ programme will help prepare employees to manage conflict with customers, visitors and guests by providing simple strategies and universal guidance to manage interventions professionally and effectively with the aim defusing the situation while providing appropriate customer solutions.

Who should take the workshop?

This workshop is aimed at any staff who come into contact with and have regular interactions with customers.

What does it cover?

  • What conflict means
  • How we respond to conflict
  • Recognising signs of anger
  • Ways of managing and resolving conflict
  • Appropriate words and actions for conflict situations
  • Skills for conflict resolution
  • Key phrases for conflict situations

Benefits of the programme

  • Supports prevention of conflict, strategies to deal with conflict, anger and abuse and helps employees understand the need to manage emotions so that conflict does not take a toll on health and well being
  • 1 day programme that is adaptable to multiple roles, sectors or industries
  • Easy to contextualise
  • Participative and interactive with an applied focus on ‘active learning’

Positive outcomes for your organisation

  • Increased revenue, repeat business, average spends and net sales
  • Increased staff motivation, and therefore reduced staff turnover and absenteeism
  • Higher quality assurance ratings and improved scores on online review sites 
Business people having an argument in office

Ways to train with WorldHost

– Find an approved and quality assured WorldHost training provider from our network of enthusiastic, professional trainers

– Train to become approved and quality assured to deliver WorldHost in-house, commercially or as an educational organisation.

– Let our team of experienced programme writers work with you to develop a customer service training workshop tailored to your business.

“The WorldHost programme stands out for its comprehensive approach and targeted strategies. It not only equips individuals with the essential skills for effective conflict resolution but also fosters a culture of excellence in customer service. Since implementing this programme, we have observed a notable improvement in client interactions and a positive shift in our organisation’s service quality.” Garry Bergin, Commercial Manager, Manguard Plus

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