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Step Up

Transform the leadership abilities of your female managers, giving them the skills and confidence to move up to the next level

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Step Up training days are spread out over a number of months, which gives participants the opportunity to try the techniques they have learnt, feed their experiences back to the group and discuss the programme with their line managers.

Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for women in working junior or middle management roles – including team leaders, supervisors and operational managers – who have direct responsibility for and manage a team on a daily basis.

It’s also perfect for junior female team members who have been identified for promotion.

Number of people per programme: 10-15

What the course covers:

  • Understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and using them to their advantage
  • Creating positive and powerful first impressions
  • Communication skills to motivate staff and manage relationships with colleagues
  • Dealing with conflict and giving feedback
  • Delivering first-class presentations
  • Building confidence and assertiveness
  • Negotiation and influencing skills
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Benefits of the programme

– Creating a pipeline of managers for succession planning – 90% of delegates improve their confidence, and over a third are promoted or take on new responsibilities shortly after the programme

– Improved retention as managers learn skills to keep their staff motivated and engaged

– Enriched communication between teams as delegates build relationships and network throughout the programme

– Building your reputation and brand through confident female managers who know how to make a powerful impression

– Supporting your diversity plans by helping develop women into roles where they are underrepresented

“We’re noticing more women saying that they have the confidence to put themselves forward for more senior management roles since introducing the Step Up training. We’ve had a number of individual success stories too – one of the managers who went through the programme secured a £450,000 investment for her venue using the tips and techniques that she acquired during the programme!“ Suzanne Peacock, Group Talent and Development Director, Merlin Entertainments

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