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WorldHost recognition programme reopens for applications and introduces a new Charter for customer service excellence

05 Sep 2021
People 1st International

The WorldHost recognition programme for businesses and destinations wishing to demonstrate their commitment to customer service has reopened for applications, and with it unveiled a new customer service excellence charter.

The charter, which businesses must commit to alongside training 50% of their employees in WorldHost programmes, defines five key criteria that businesses must commit to embedding within their business, covering customer insight, culture of the organisation, information and access, timeliness and quality of service and measuring success.

Jane Rexworthy, Executive Director at People 1st International comments:

We’ve introduced the new WorldHost Customer Service Excellence Charter to the recognition programme as a way of defining the commitment organisations are making to providing excellent customer service to external and internal customers, and to pro-actively seeking ways to go the extra mile.

The recognition programme, which helps businesses set themselves apart from their competitors and demonstrate their commitment to customer service excellence, is open to both individual businesses and multi-site locations, communities or regions.

For businesses applying to the programme, it’s a great way to build trust, attract, and retain new customers through positive marketing of their brand and customer experience commitment – delivering a real boost to reputation, repeat custom and loyalty and bottom line profits.

For ‘destinations’ applying to the programme it encourages businesses in multi-site locations, communities or regions to work together to collectively strengthen the overall quality of the visitor experience, helping customers to enjoy a high quality, consistent and memorable experience.

Jane Rexworthy continues:

When an organisation prioritises customer service and invests in training a significant number of staff, business transformation starts to happen and you see benefits in the bottom line. Staff are more motivated, more likely to upsell and go the extra mile because they believe in what they’re doing and have skills that empower them. This helps to increase revenue through extra sales and more repeat business.

Find out more about the WorldHost Customer Service Excellence Charter and recognition programme here.

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