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WorldHost Approved in-house trainer shares approaches and tips for successful delivery

02 Nov 2022
People 1st International

A recent survey by People 1st International found that amid record inflation, 40% of respondents expect higher prices to be reflected in the level of service they receive.

Many companies are aware of the importance of offering best in class customer service, reinforced by the fact that 43% of respondents also agree that they are willing to pay more for goods and services if they receive a high level of customer service.

Leading experts in transport management, First Travel Solutions has a mission to deliver better experiences and takes great pride in maintaining extremely high standards.

Earlier this year they adopted WorldHost as a training solution to enhance customer service skills. Opting to have their Development Coach & Training Manager approved as an in-house WorldHost trainer, the business plans to train a significant number of colleagues.

We spoke to First Travel Solutions’ Development Coach & Training Manager, Jason Buckler to find out more about their approach for delivering WorldHost:

What made you decide to become a WorldHost Approved Training Provider?

Due to the high number of staff we want to train in WorldHost, it made sense for me to become an Approved WorldHost Trainer. This approach provides flexibility in planning for the sessions. It is also much more cost effective and allows me to contextualise the delivery to suit different areas of the business.

What’s your strategy for training people in WorldHost?

We’re training people that work in a wide variety of roles across the business – from contact centre staff, duty managers and supervisors, to operations managers and directors. Strategy-wise I feel it’s important to roll the training out across the board as it ensures the principles are embedded into staff.

We plan to deliver to 300+ staff, in venues from Tiverton to Edinburgh and everything in between! I’m delivering all the sessions face to face; I believe that there is more benefit in doing it this way as it encourages group discussion.

How has the WorldHost training been received by the participants you’ve trained so far?

The participants that have received the training have all really enjoyed the sessions. I have received emails from staff telling me about how they have used the different approaches to improve their service, which clearly has had a positive impact on how First Travel Solutions deliver customer excellence.

What approaches to delivering WorldHost training have worked well?

My approach to rolling out this training has been to facilitate, facilitate and facilitate! In my experience, participants will take away and apply learning if they have come to those learning points themselves. My job in these sessions is to simply guide the participants through and keep the conversations on track!

Are there any tips you would share with other trainers just starting out with WorldHost?
  • Know your audience: A ‘first impression’ for a member of staff that is contact centre based is different from a staff member that perhaps works back office. If you know your audience, you can use more appropriate examples.
  • Make yourself completely comfortable with the learning outcomes from the session plans: Knowing your material well will give you the confidence to complete the session in a fluid way.
  • After each topic, get participants to identify benefits and how they will achieve their goals: Add these to flip chart paper so that you can refer to them throughout the sessions, I find doing this helps link everything together nicely.
  • If you need any help with the administration side of things contact People 1st International, they are really helpful and quick to respond!

We’ll be checking back in with First Travel Solutions later in the year to see how their training delivery has progressed.


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