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People 1st International to analyse skills needs in Belize’s tourism and agricultural sectors

21 Mar 2023
People 1st International

Over the past decade a slow-growing economy, coupled with the impact of the pandemic on the agriculture and tourism sectors has led to major social and economic challenges in Belize. The country also faces climate and environmental challenges that threaten its natural resources and farming systems.

To encourage sustainable and inclusive development of businesses and employees in the agriculture and tourism sectors, People 1st International will be delivering a project on behalf of the Inter-American Development Bank that will provide technical assistance with farm plans and business plans and create a ‘Skills Development Ecosystem’ for agriculture and tourism sectors.

The main objective of the project is to carry out an analysis of skills in these key sectors to support the development and implementation of farm and business plans that lead to economic growth through profitable, environmentally sustainable and climate resilient strategies.

To achieve this, we will be delivering the following services:

  • To research, identify and analyse the sectors’ capacity and capability of conducting sustainable farm plans and business plans to support beneficiaries to economic growth through profitable, environmentally sustainable and climate resilient strategies; and the methodological and technical requirements to enable a skills development ecosystem for the agriculture and tourism sectors in Belize
  • To develop tools and training to assist stakeholders based on the skills requirements identified in both economic sectors
  • To train technical advisors in the implementation of the farm and business plans and also train the future trainers to make the initiative sustainable in time

Ultimately, through identifying skills shortages, gaps and mismatches, the activity aims to improve incomes and promote sustainable livelihoods.

To find out more about this project or how we can support you with skills needs analysis, get in touch today.

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