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Park’s of Hamilton successfully completes the Professional Certificate in Training Design & Delivery

27 Oct 2022
People 1st International

Leading coach hire organisation Parks of Hamilton has become the first company to successfully complete the new People 1st International Professional Certificate in Training Design and Delivery. The participants, who included the assistant operations manager, depot trainers, driving instructors and compliance and traffic officers, were presented with their certificates last month.

The programme was delivered by Rose Reid Training, who has over 10 years experience as an approved People 1st International trainer.

Margaret Rose Reid said of the experience, “It was fantastic to have the opportunity to guide the participants to grow in confidence and competence, whilst having fun using a structured and highly interactive approach. With a focus on practising new skills during the programme, along with constructive feedback, this enabled them to use what they learned to good effect straight away.”

Adopting a blended learning approach, participants attended a virtual classroom online, as well as in person practical sessions and assessments at two locations, the Park’s Depots in Blantyre, Scotland, and Plymouth. Learners were equipped with the transferable skills to design, deliver and evaluate training on any topic.

William Dunsmore, Assistant Operations Manager at the Blantyre Depot said, “The course was very enjoyable, informative and fun. It allows us to update current training skills and train new trainers to deliver in house CPC training for drivers.”

With current national shortages of coach drivers and some coach companies going out of business, Park’s of Hamilton has been experiencing an increased workload. The company presently has vacancies for coach drivers, who will all require training, not to mention ongoing refresher training for existing drivers.

The recognised train the trainer certificates gives them the ability to design, develop, deliver and evaluate training sessions aimed at groups and individuals to a professional standard.

Some attendees also found the course helpful in more unexpected ways. Steve Brocklehurst, Plymouth, who has a background in training himself, said:

The course has really helped with future training and I also find that it helps on the coaches when we are evaluating customer feedback.

Other attendees commented:
I learned how to make training enjoyable, logical and presented in a way that the information is retained by the trainee.” David Beggs, Blantyre

A very enjoyable course with lots of information helping me to continually develop and make my training more engaging.” Paul Divers, Blantyre

The course was well planned and delivered which made it more interesting. It has taught me about better preparation and given me the confidence to design and deliver training using a more logical, interactive approach which ultimately benefits my trainees.” Robert McCutcheon, Blantyre

The training programme lasted five days in total, with a two day option since being introduced. As an approved training provider, Margaret Rose Reid is licensed to deliver and assess the full range of train the trainer programmes.

Find out more about our train the trainer programmes.

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