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New management and sales training programmes launch at Almaza Recruitment & Training Centre to develop skills of hospitality & retail employees

31 May 2021
People 1st International

Two new vocational training programmes aimed at retail, hospitality and tourism businesses have launched at Almaza Recruitment and Training Centre (ARTC) to upskill employees in sales and management.

Developed by People 1st International, the training programmes have been contextualised for the retail and hospitality sectors in Egypt and will be delivered by Education for Employment Egypt’s (EFE Egypt) trainer network.

The 1-day programs include:

  • Selling and Service: Designed for employees already working in industry as well as pre-employment, the programme helps participants understand and use the selling process to be able to fulfil customers’ needs and make effective sales.
  • Essential Management: Designed for new and existing supervisors and managers in a variety of retail, hospitality and tourism businesses, the programme focuses on developing and maximising leadership and management skills to get the best out of large or smaller teams.

To prepare selected trainers for delivery of the new programmes, People 1st International delivered a train the trainer session to demonstrate the programmes and familiarise the trainers with the content. The training included ways in which the programmes and their modules could be combined with existing EFE-Egypt training to impart vocationally relevant technical and employability skills to future trainees at and on behalf of City Centre Almaza and ARTC.

Jane Rexworthy, Executive Director of People 1st International, comments:

The training of trainers gave EFE-Egypt’s team exposure to fresh soft, employability and technical skills training to the UK national standard that have been robustly contextualised for the retail and hospitality sectors in Egypt and has given the group additional resources to be able to deliver high-quality and fit-for-purpose training for the client groups and donors within the project.

The training was led by People 1st International’s master trainer Jayne Norman, who adds:

The trainers delivering the new programmes are the embodiment of highly tuned soft skills; displaying team ethics, camaraderie and excellent communication and interpersonal skills that made them a pleasure to train and without a doubt a pleasure to be trained by for the client groups at City Centre Almaza.”

For more information on the training programs on offer at Almaza Recruitment & Training Centre visit or email

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