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New change-making WorldHost customer service workshops launch, helping businesses to establish a culture of excellence and drive transformation

29 Oct 2019
People 1st International

People 1st International has just launched a series of new workshops for WorldHost, its popular customer service training programme, designed to transform businesses by delivering excellence in customer experience.

In an environment where customers are informed and empowered, customer service is no longer the closing touch. It must be something that is planned, proactively managed, and considered as a strategic business focus – and it takes more than a single training session or tick-box seminar to build a customer service culture.

Over the years, WorldHost has set the gold standard for the provision of world-class customer service training that meets the requirements of a fast-changing and increasingly international business environment. The programme has been used to train over 300,000 staff and volunteers at organisations ranging from small operators to global events, such as The 148th Open at Portrush 2019, the Rugby World Cup 2015 and the 2012 London Olympics.

The launch of the new WorldHost workshops provide an opportunity for organisations to set themselves apart from their competitors and strengthen repeat business – adding value throughout the entire organisation.

The programme’s engaging and interactive approach has been retained, with an increased focus on real-world situations and flexible content that ensures that workshops are always highly relevant, allowing trainers to adapt the content to suit each company.

The revamped programme is aimed at a wide range of sectors including retail, facilities management, financial services, healthcare, hospitality & tourism, justice, travel and transport, among others.

The programme features a re-energised version of the popular Principles of Customer Service workshop – which has also been tailored to create a specific employability version. In addition, new Ambassador workshops for events and businesses are available, helping to transform staff into world-class teams of brand ambassadors. Later this year will also see a new ‘Inclusive Service’ workshop launch, followed soon after by a programme aimed at upskilling individuals responsible for supervising customer service.

Having purchased the global rights* to WorldHost in late 2018, People 1st International aim to make WorldHost the global standard for customer service training. Jane Rexworthy, Executive Director, People 1st International comments:

“WorldHost is a future-facing, change-making training programme, which combines years of experience and a tradition of excellence to deliver solutions that are both strategic and pragmatic.  At an operational level, it delivers clear, effective and measurable business outcomes.

We hope that the new WorldHost programmes will continue to help transform customer service standards both in the UK and internationally. Equally, for trainees, WorldHost offers a flexible and transferable skill-set that they can take with them wherever they go.”

Find out more about the new WorldHost workshops:



Following the acquisition of People 1st International by Workforce Development Trust in April 2018, the organisation purchased the full Trademark and Intellectual Property Rights to the WorldHost brand to cover not only the UK, but also its use of it on a global level – with the exclusion of the US, Mexico and Canada.

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