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Snippets of UK Skills Partnership UK Education brochure

New publication outlines the UK’s education and skills offer to international partners

20 May 2024
People 1st International

Across different nations and cultures, there is a common interest in promoting and investing in education and skills development to foster innovation, boost productivity, and promote economic growth and social stability. With a world-class education and skills offering, the UK’s commitment to sharing its expertise and resources with global partners helps to create meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships that enhance education and skills development worldwide.

To showcase how the UK can support governments around the world to enhance their education and skills systems, a cross-section of organisations from the UK education sector have united to create a new publication; ‘Strengthening education and skills systems: The UK’s offer to global partners’.

Launched today at the Education World Forum, the brochure showcases how the UK can support governments globally to enhance their education and skills systems and aims to help increase the scale and scope of collaborations with international partners.

It highlights the opportunities and strengths of each level within the UK’s education and skills system and provides UK and international stakeholders with:

  • A high-level overview of the work that each level of the UK education and skills system engages in internationally
  • A comprehensive outline of the specific services and support the UK can offer to international partners at each level of education
  • Clear signposts to the organisations that can help international partners connect with UK education and skills sector.

Jane Rexworthy and Jonathan Ledger at the Education World Forum 2024

Led by the UK Skills Partnership and guided by members of the Government’s Education Sector Advisory Group (ESAG), People 1st International’s Executive Director and Chair of the UK Skills Partnership, Jane Rexworthy has played a leading role in the development of the paper.

Jane comments:

“As Chair of the UK Skills Partnership, a member of the UK Government’s Education and Skills Advisory Group, and Executive Director of an international skills solutions provider, I am thrilled to have led the development of this publication. It highlights the unique capabilities of the UK education and skills sector and demonstrates how the UK can assist governments worldwide in improving their education and skills systems.

“Through collaboration of education and skills experts, the UK Skills Partnership can identify tailored solutions to address the specific needs of international partners. By promoting global awareness of the UK’s education and skills landscape, and the strengths at every level, we aim to expand our mutually beneficial collaborations with partners around the world.”

Visit UK Skills Partnership website to download the brochure


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