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Help shape the future of apprenticeships in Scotland

18 Sep 2023
People 1st International

Hospitality, retail, travel and customer service apprenticeships across Scotland are being reviewed and refreshed through a new industry-led approach to ensure skills and qualifications are not only fit for purpose; but fit for the future.

Individuals and representatives have been working to develop new hospitality, retail, travel and customer service apprenticeships, and alongside our partners, Skills Development Scotland (SDS), we are inviting employers, employees, industry groups, education providers and stakeholders to participate in crucial surveys aimed at enhancing apprenticeships in these dynamic sectors.

We recognise the invaluable role employers, industry, education and other key stakeholders play in shaping the success of apprenticeships. Insights from representatives in these organisations are vital in developing apprenticeships that align with industry needs while nurturing a skilled workforce. By taking 15 minutes to complete this survey, participants can directly influence the future of apprenticeships.

Apprenticeship Development Manager at SDS, Sharita Guy says:

“The survey offers individuals a unique opportunity to influence and inform the direction of skills development and the training on offer, and while we have broad representation from employees and employers of different types, sizes and location from across the country, along with the wider industry stakeholders and trade union partners, I’d encourage anyone with an interest to participate”.

Input and collaboration are instrumental in creating apprenticeships that are mutually beneficial for employers, apprentices and the sector as a whole. Have your say via the relevant survey here:

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