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Elevating standards in vocational training: Latest UK colleges to attain People 1st International hospitality accreditation

11 Apr 2024

As the demand for skilled workers in the hospitality industry continues to grow, it’s more important than ever to cultivate the future talent pipeline armed with the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviours that employers are looking for.

Vocational education and training colleges play a vital role in making this happen. Those that hold effective partnerships with industry and offer demand-led education and training help build stronger career prospects for students and a more efficient workforce.

To shine a light on the quality of the training provided in colleges across the UK, our industry-led accreditation scheme for hospitality recognises colleges that are working well with employers – allowing them to influence the curriculum so it meets industry needs and develops partnerships that benefit learners.

This employer-led approach drives the quality of full-time provision and recognises colleges that are innovative, flexible and reflect businesses’ needs, ensuring they are an excellent source of future talent for the industry.

Through our collaboration with AA Hospitality, the sought-after recognition also opens the opportunity for training restaurants within colleges to gain and an AA College Rosette, mirroring the current industry AA recognition for culinary excellence.

At the latest accreditation employer panel meeting, industry members evaluated and approved accreditations for the following colleges:

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These follow another four colleges who were recognised earlier this year bringing the total number of accredited colleges in hospitality to 18.


Sean Wheeler, Chair of The Accredited College Employer Panel comments:


“I am delighted the People 1st International and AA College Accreditation Scheme continues to go from strength for strength. It is great to see new colleges achieving recognition and some of our long-standing accredited colleges continuing to deliver an excellent experience for their students, so they are work ready for industry.

The need to attract grow and retain local talent is still business critical for all sectors of hospitality to survive and the work that our accredited colleges are doing to achieve this is best in class and they rightly deserve the recognition.

I encourage hospitality employers to work with our colleges to continue to build a pipeline of talent to secure the UK hospitality’s future.”

For colleges becoming accredited, the scheme also provides regular networking opportunities. This helps foster sharing of challenges and best practice and supports colleges in continuing to develop and grow the quality of provision to meet the ever-evolving needs of industry.

Employers are encouraged to engage with their local accredited college to develop effective partnership working to support in future talent. Offering work experience for students, running masterclasses or guest lectures and providing CPD opportunities for college staff are just a few of the opportunities. In return colleges offer access to work-ready staff as well as innovative skills solutions to upskill existing employees.

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