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State of the Workforce 2023

22 Apr 2024

State of the Workforce 2023 examines the changing skills and labour market across the UK visitor economy sector. The findings incorporate the views of hundreds of firms employing more than 250,000 staff.

The research sheds light on some of the deep-rooted staffing issues impacting upon the sector, leading to calls for greater investment in employee retention and development. Findings include:

The research highlights the need to prioritise leadership and management skills to help businesses recruit, retain and develop employees more effectively and to take action to close the skills gap to help grow an internationally competitive industry.

The reports also showcase the approaches that employers are taking to alleviate the challenges faced and aims to help employers across the sector to better address their workforce needs, directly informing the decisions they make with regard to skills development.

Conducted through surveys and a series of focus groups, the insights from employers across the hospitality, retail, travel, tourism and aviation industries have been used to formulate findings across three key themes:


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