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Trainer training class for team of workers

Become an approved trainer

Deliver our training programmes as an approved trainer

Join a world-class training organisation and sell high-quality training courses that business from a wide variety of sectors want to buy. Licence costs are low, compared to other providers. And your return on investment is fast. By your second workshop, you could be making a profit. There are four simple steps to becoming an Approved Training Provider, which follow our Quality Assurance (QA) process.

  1. Pre-licensing application
  2. Licensed training workshop (either face to face or via webinar)
  3. Quality Assurance sign-off (granting full Approved Training Provider status)
  4. Ongoing Quality Assurance

When you join our Trainer Network, you’re empowered to develop your own business, with the strategic support of People 1st International. Once we accept your application, you’ll attend a workshop where you’ll learn how to deliver our programmes and be assessed on your training skills. As a member of the Trainer Network, you have access to all the materials you need to deliver our training programmes – session plans, presentations, slide guides and more. These are downloadable and ready to use.

People 1st International also engages with large-scale organisations at a strategic level. We scope out the training that’s required and bring in the Trainer Network to deliver the training. As a member of our network, you might benefit from this type of opportunity.

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“In my experience, I have encountered numerous programmes aimed at enhancing customer service and conflict management. However, the WorldHost programme stands out for its comprehensive approach and targeted strategies.” Garry Bergin, Commercial Manager, Manguard Plus
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