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Give people searching for jobs the critical customer service skills employers are looking for with our WorldHost ‘Principles of Customer Service (Employability)’ programme.

WorldHost training offers an interactive, engaging experience to develop essential customer service skills, taking its cue from real-world situations. Workshops are focused around sought-after skills and are highly relevant as trainers can adapt content to suit various roles and industries. Acquiring new skills and relevant knowledge are the focus from day one, so attendees grow in confidence and feel equipped to present themselves as a competent customer service professional. At the same time, WorldHost training looks beyond the next opportunity, giving people the transferrable skills that they can use for the rest of their lives.
WorldHost training is the foundation for establishing a culture of excellence and empowering personal and professional growth. You’ll be amazed how much people can learn in a single day.
Who should take the course?
This course is suitable for anyone looking for a front-line customer service role that will result in regular interactions with customers.
What does it cover?
  • Identifying customer needs and managing expectations
  • The importance of making a great first impression
  • Applying customer service within your role and sector
  • Communication skills to improve your customer interactions
  • Leaving a lasting impression
  • Planning for professional development
Benefits of the programme
  • 1 day programme that is adaptable to multiple roles, sectors or industries
  • Easy to contextualise
  • Participative and interactive with an applied focus on ‘active learning’
Positive outcomes for your organisation
  • Increased revenue, repeat business, average spends and net sales
  • Increased staff motivation, and therefore reduced staff turnover and absenteeism
  • Higher quality assurance ratings and improved scores on online review sites

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What others say:

“We trained several members of our staff to facilitate WorldHost training for us – as a renowned customer service programme, we felt we needed to be a part of it and we see it as critical to our future success. Delivering the training across all our UK sites was a challenge, but People 1st helped us with the organisation so we had more resources available to train our own people. With so many staff in front-facing roles, it can be difficult to get cover for them for an entire day, but People 1st’s flexible approach and advice allowed us to conduct the training much more easily. Our aspiration is for all our staff and volunteers to be trained using WorldHost programmes.”

Hannah Griffen, Visitor Engagement Manager, National Museum of the Royal Navy


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