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Empower staff with the skills they need to become a brand ambassador for your business with our WorldHost ‘Ambassador Workshop’.

WorldHost training offers an engaging, collaborative experience. In the Ambassador workshops, participants’ learn how to represent their organisation with distinction, through an applied focus on the key stages of a customers’ journey. Workshops are always highly relevant as trainers can adapt content to suit your organisation. After the half day of interactive training, your staff are able to be proactive in their Ambassador role, giving customers the warm welcome and courteous assistance they need. The skills from the workshop encourage participants to grow personally as well professionally, so they feel the training is rewarded.
For your organisation, the WorldHost workshop offers the dynamic, progressive training that transforms your staff into a world-class team of brand ambassadors.
Who should take the course?
This course is aimed at staff who aim to go the extra mile for customers and visitors.
What does it cover?
  • What is an Ambassador and why they are important
  • Key knowledge, skills and behaviours befitting an Ambassador
  • Applying basic principles of customer service throughout the duration of a customer’s journey
    • Types of customers
    • Catering for the needs of different customers
    • Creating a positive first impression
    • Managing frequently asked questions (FAQs)
    • Leaving a lasting impression
Benefits of the programme
  • ½ day programme that is adaptable for multiple environments
  • Easy to contextualise
  • Participative and interactive with an applied focus on ‘active learning’
Positive outcomes
When staff put Ambassador skills into practice, it can lead to:
  • Increased revenue, repeat business, average spends and net sales
  • Increased visitor spend in your local area
  • Increased staff motivation, and therefore reduced staff turnover and absenteeism
  • Higher quality assurance ratings and improved scores on online review sites
Better customer experiences set organisations apart from their competitors and keep customers coming back for more. Transform your business and get the recognition you deserve by applying to become a WorldHost Recognised Business - a ‘must-have’ badge for customer service.

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What others say

“Volunteers became knowledgeable, articulate, security-conscious ambassadors for their country.”

Simon Williams - Director British Council, Ukraine, hosts of Eurovision 2017


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