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Gold standard apprenticeship providers

Every day, employers ask us: “how can I tell if an apprenticeship provider is good?”. As one of many providers on the register of apprenticeship training providers, making sure employers know that you go ‘above and beyond’ to deliver an excellent service is critical.

By becoming a People 1st gold standard apprenticeship provider, you’ll be able to boast that you are among the nation’s best – as agreed by employers themselves – and are part of a network of quality providers who share best practice and innovation.

You’ll also be able to exclusively access the latest industry intelligence and policy updates, and have regular opportunities to engage and work with visitor economy businesses.

Gold standard provider status

Building on our successful and industry-renowned accreditation schemes for full-time hospitality and aviation training, People 1st’s gold standard apprenticeship provider status is an exclusive stamp of approval that will be promoted to employers throughout the visitor economy industry. It lets your potential and existing clients know that you have a proven track record of delivering excellent apprenticeships, and responding to employers’ business needs.

If you have fully embraced the reformed apprenticeship system and standards, and are passionate about delivering a first-class service to raise professionalism across the visitor economy, you could be our next gold standard provider!

Gold standard provider status is endorsed by an independent panel of leading visitor economy businesses – so your clients will know that you have been approved by industry itself.

I’m on the register of apprenticeship training providers (RoATP) – what’s the additional benefit of becoming a People 1st gold standard apprenticeship provider?

Put simply – providers on the RoATP have proven that they are suitable to operate as a training provider. People 1st gold standard providers have proven that they are able to deliver outstanding service that will help businesses achieve the best return on investment into apprenticeships. As a gold standard provider, you’ll also get access to a host of additional support, resources and events.


Benefits of becoming a gold standard provider

What’s in it for you? Learn about the huge range of benefits becoming a People 1st gold standard apprenticeship provider brings.

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How to become a gold standard apprenticeship provider

See what the gold standard assessment process involves and how to get started.

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