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Train the trainer

If you’re looking to develop training skills in-house, we’re here to help. Over the past 50 years, we‘ve developed a reputation for delivering the best trainer training programmes.

Our interactive courses will give your people the skills they need to deliver top-notch training, reducing your need to employ external trainers, boosting your bottom line and building a learning and development culture throughout your business.

All of our train the trainer programmes are robust and quality-assured – your trainers, managers and supervisors will be assessed to a national standard. We can even train your own people to deliver train the trainer programmes in-house.

Find an approved and quality assured commercial training provider from our network of over 200 enthusiastic, professional trainers.

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Introduction to Effective Training Certificate

This programme will give your staff an essential grounding in the knowledge and skills to deliver high-quality training programmes to their colleagues and teams.

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Group Training Certificate

Our most popular training programme, the Group Training Certificate (GTC) will teach your staff how to design and deliver effective, interactive training sessions to groups of people.


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Practical Training Certificate

The Practical Training Certificate (PTC) programme teaches your people how to deliver quick, effective, on-the-job training to small groups or individuals.



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