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Establishing a new training facility at shopping malls – Lithuania and Latvia

Establishing training opportunities in line with shopping mall tenant needs. Training will result in accredited learning outcomes, certified in line with national standards. Training will be targeted at life-long learning with a focus on an ageing workforce; people with disabilities and upskilling of current employees.

Our customer

Akropolis Shopping Malls

Aim of the project

To broaden access to employment and life-long learning skills for an aging workforce, young people and people with disabilities in the local area, enhancing their economic opportunities and providing tailored guidance and information to the tenant retailers employing older workers for the first time, seeking to improve capacity and adopt best practices.

Challenges the project aims to address

We aim to prepare the scope and outline for an inclusive workforce, namely the introduction of a new framework for training and training facilities for delivering training in line with tenant retailers’ needs. The new facilities will provide job brokering services for successful graduates, instituting an efficient process for linking them together with the Centre’s open vacancies. The initial phase of the project includes:

  • Assessment of market needs and scope for accredited learning under a new training offer for its tenants;
  • Definition of key operational parameters, responsibilities and financial model;
  • Preparation of contracting materials and terms of references for implementation.
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