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Tobacco Caye aerial in Belize barrier reef with boat

Deployment of a skills development strategy for the tourism industry in Belize


The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is rapidly reshaping global economics through technologies and skills like AI, robotics, biotech, and blockchain. Industries worldwide need to adapt to stay competitive and offer state of the art products and services. To meet these demands, prioritising workforce capabilities for the future is crucial. Training individuals with the right skills not only facilitates technology deployment but also fosters inclusive growth.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, the impact of new technologies on industries is not well known. This lack of knowledge presents challenges in the identification of evolving skills needs, limits the responsiveness of training ecosystems, and hinders industries’ ability to train and upskill their workforce for digital transformation.

In partnership with The Inter-American Development Bank, we are actively addressing this challenge by collaborating with the tourism industry in Belize to design necessary training strategies. This initiative involves identifying industry-specific skill needs, creating pathways for future occupations, and supporting workforce upskilling and reskilling to drive digital and business transformation in the context of the 4IR.


Our client

The Inter-American Development Bank


Aim of the project

Our key aim is to develop a 3–5-year industry skills strategy for Belize’s tourism sector, with a central focus on transitioning to eco-tourism. The project entails analysing industry trends, implementing a methodology for eco-tourism, creating a roadmap, identifying necessary skills, and establishing a mechanism for labor market information exchange. The overarching goal is to guide Belize’s tourism industry toward sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

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