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Gender equality in higher education systems – Brazil, Mexico and Peru


The Going Global Partnerships programme fosters international collaboration in higher education, science, and TVET, aiming for equitable, inclusive systems. Within this initiative, ‘Women in STEM’ in the Americas, launched in 2018, focusing on enhancing gender equality and internationalisation in Brazil, Mexico, and Peru.

Initiatives include UK-Brazil Gender Equality Partnerships, Brazil Girls in STEM inspiring girls in science, and Brazil Women in Tech offering online training. In Mexico, Skills for Women in Tech improves employability, while ‘Mentors in Science’ supports Mexican higher education. In Peru, a British Council collaborates with the National Council of Science, Technology and Technological Innovation (Concytec) alliance to promote gender equality in STEM.

‘Women in STEM’ serves to boost gender equality in higher education across the Americas through UK partnerships.

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The British Council

Aim of the project

The primary aim of this three-year project is to advance gender equality in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) within Brazil, Mexico, and Peru. The initiative seeks to create a comprehensive framework for gender and diversity. The project will involve institutional mapping, development of strategies for local implementation of gender and diversity frameworks, projects, and policies.

The focus in Brazil includes mapping local context for policy and funding agencies, designing participatory engagement tools, and providing guidelines for the practical implementation of gender equality frameworks. The project will also encompass recommendations for local implementation, strategic institutional engagement, and guidelines for Mexico and Peru.

Through workshops, content development, literature reviews, and capacity-building initiatives, the project aims to foster gender equality, inclusivity, and professional development for women in academia across the targeted countries. Ultimately, the goal is to contribute to a more equitable higher education landscape in the region.

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