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Consumer insights into behavioural attitudes and factors impacting a return to leisure activities

New insights show consumer confidence and health & safety key to the return

Our latest insights into the behavioural attitudes and factors impacting a return to leisure activities such as pubs and bars, restaurants, holidays, non-food shopping and visiting local attraction reveal encouraging signs that customers in the UK are ready to return if the correct measures for health and safety are in place.

The research, taken by two thousand people aged 18 and above, also highlights that the younger generation will be a driving force when it comes to kick-starting the retail, leisure and visitor economies.

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Key findings include:

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“It’s reassuring to get this feedback from consumers on returning to hospitality and tourism, and we’re looking forward to reopening our doors in a safe way to our many loyal customers. The findings confirm how critical it will be to train people in the new hygiene measures and social customer experience factors. A Professional Standard for Service Operators offers a valuable benchmark, and also means that training will meet a defined national standard.”

Edward Gallier 
Head of Learning & Development 
Jurys Inn & Leonardo Hotels UK & Ireland

Professional standard for service operators

Are you looking for a practical checklist to ensure your training gives people the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed beyond Covid-19? The new Professional Standard for Service Operators helps you prepare your business and people to work safely. 

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WorldHost 2020

Empower your staff to keep customers and colleagues safe beyond Covid-19 & drive positive behaviours in a rapidly changing customer facing environment with our WorldHost 2020 e-learning programme. 

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