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COVID-19 impact on skills

Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on our industries is critical to their survival and recovery.  Gathering data and insight from those dealing first hand with the realities and challenges of the pandemic and its repercussions will inform current planning and future crisis management.    

COVID-19 consumer insights

Our latest insights into the behavioural attitudes and factors impacting a return to leisure activities reveal encouraging signs that customers in the UK are ready to return if the correct measures for health and safety are in place.

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COVID-19: Impact on skills in the UK hospitality, retail, travel & aviation industries

Our live research provides intelligence from those at the forefront of dealing with skills and workforce challenges in the UK amidst the pandemic.


COVID-19 Skills Recovery Package for Latin America & Caribbean

In a recent project in the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region we developed a COVID-19 TVET strategy and roadmap which addresses the challenges and opportunities faced during and beyond the pandemic.


Podcast: Looking beyond the pandemic

In this podcast for Management Issues, we look at ways employers are supporting their people during the crisis and what HR and L&D professionals can do to prepare for the future.


Business readiness for recovery in Jordan

Following work we've undertaken in Jordan to support in the rebuild of its tourism industry, in this article for the Jordan Times we look at business readiness for recovery.

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