Recruitment incentives

Did you know there are a range of new incentives that your business can benefit from NOW, helping you to recruit the best talent?


JobStart is a new employer incentive scheme from the Department for Communities (DfC) that will help young people aged 16–24 at risk of long term unemployment to get into the job market by providing government funding for employers to create job opportunities.  Employers can receive 100% government funding to create six-month job opportunities for 16-24 year-olds who are not in employment (or 9 months for those who meet certain criteria). For each job opportunity there is £1,500 of funding available for start-up costs to cover any support and training the young person may need. 

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The Work Experience Programme

The Work Experience Programme is open to 18-65 year olds who are unemployed or in receipt of benefits. Employers who provide a person with a work experience placement may receive an incentive payment of £250.

The Opportunity Guarantee strand of the Work Experience Programme is for young people aged 18-24. Employers may provide Opportunity Guarantee placements where they will be in a position to offer the young person an interview for a job or apprenticeship at the end of the placement. Employers who provide an Opportunity Guarantee placement will receive an additional £250 incentive payment at the end of the placement. Opportunity Guarantee can also link with JobStart which can provide government funding for a six-month job opportunity.

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Strategic Employment Service
Through the Strategic Employment Service, the Department for Communities offers a dedicated Client Executive account manager to Strategic Employers across Northern Ireland.

They act as a single point of contact seeking to understand your business, recruitment and retention needs, and will work across the NICS employability and skills offering to draw partners together to agree a single tailored package of support for your account.   
Speak to the Department for Communities team about the available recruitment support
If you would like to be contacted directly by the Department for Communities to discuss the recruitment provision, complete the Employer Self Referral form.