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Standards and frameworks

Build the foundation for a skilled workforce with industry-led standards and frameworks

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Ensure the workforce is equipped with the relevant skills to meet the current and future demands of industry. Our team of experts work in collaboration with employers and stakeholders to develop comprehensive standards and frameworks that define the skills, knowledge and behaviours to support workforce mobility and industry growth.

Establish the standards to assure a competent workforce

Building a strong foundation to skills through an industry-led approach to standards and framework development ensures that businesses have access to a high-calibre pool of talent that will drive innovation, productivity and economic growth.

Our team of professionals has extensive experience in creating skills standards and frameworks that cater to the evolving needs and demands of  industry.

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How we can help

Drawing on our experience as a sector skills council, we work with partners across multiple countries, regions, industries and sectors to develop standards and frameworks that are based on global best practices. Having facilitated, funded and undertaken development of over 20 apprenticeship standards in England on behalf trailblazers in hospitality, retail, travel and aviation (which brought together employers from across the sector as part of the government’s radical reform to create new employer-led apprenticeship standards), we also operated one of the first ever models of employer-led external quality assurance.


At the core of our employer-driven approach is the commitment to quality assurance, helping to create a highly skilled workforce and foster professionalism and consistency.


An industry-led approach to standards and frameworks

One of our main strengths lies in our ability to garner strong support from industry for the development of skills standards. To elevate workforce skills, we provide support to adopt an industry-led approach to establish professional standards of competence and implement robust assessment plans. Collaboration is key in this process, which is why we help to foster a strong partnership between industry, providers, and other stakeholders.

Standard / framework review and evaluation

We offer a thorough review and evaluation of existing standards and frameworks to ensure that they are up-to-date and aligned with the latest industry developments. We engage sector specialists through surveys, forums, and sector-specific working groups to assess the standards and frameworks. Drawing on our technical expertise, we review findings, identify and make necessary changes, whilst also incorporating a mechanism to gain stakeholder feedback and approval.

Standard and framework development

We use our tried-and-tested process based on international best practices that guarantees the creation of high-quality standards and frameworks tailored to meet current and future industry needs. Our subject matter and industry experts are committed to facilitating employer engagement, ensuring that industry professionals play an integral role in the review and development process. This allows us to incorporate employer-defined knowledge, skills, and behaviours, ensuring that the standards and frameworks are not only fit for purpose but also reflective of the demands of industry both now and in the future.

“The CIPD are proud to have partnered with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development and their programme development consultants People 1st International. By aligning to our internationally recognised standards in talent acquisition, talent management and talent retention, as well as employee engagement; EBRD with their consultant People 1st International have built a practical and impactful competency framework and learning programme for business owners.” Ian Mond, Lead Employer Solutions Team Manager, CIPD

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