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Skills academies

Empower your workforce for sustainable growth with our Skills Academy Model

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Establish an effective recruitment and training academy. Our model is designed to enhance the employability of the local workforce by providing high quality vocational training, while also creating a strong pipeline of talented individuals.

Elevate your recruitment and training strategy

In today’s fast-paced world, the competition for talent is fierce and the need for a skilled and adaptable workforce is more crucial than ever. With our Skills Academy Model, you have the power to establish sustainable recruitment and career progression opportunities through a centralised approach to learning and development.

Designed to elevate the skills and capabilities of your workforce, it also allows you to break down barriers to learning by increasing opportunities for skills development through a formalised and comprehensive learning and development offer.

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How we can help

Our team leverages expert knowledge and experience, drawing from successful vocational academies across the globe. By using our model, you can proudly showcase your commitment to learning and development and gain public acknowledgement of its importance.

Proven methodology

Our proven Skills Academy Model encompasses global best practices and internationally recognised standards to develop a sustainable vocational training academy. Our approach offers a clear structure throughout the entire process, providing end-to-end advice, guidance, and support. From conducting research and initial scoping to launching the Academy, we ensure a seamless experience.

Strategy development

Our expert team specialises in strategy development, identifying the future skills needs and evaluating the current training offer. With our extensive experience in setting up skills academies, we collaborate with you to develop strategic plans for the design and implementation of your skills academy. Our comprehensive consultation services cover every aspect of the development process including conceptualisation, planning, implementation, initial operations, launch, ongoing review and evaluation.

Curriculum development

We take a tailored approach to curriculum development, identifying suitable solutions that cater specifically to your business needs. Our expert programme writers create high quality training materials that can be delivered in various formats – face to face, virtual, or eLearning – to accommodate different learning styles. To set your programmes apart and add credibility, we can also partner with awarding organisations to provide internationally recognised accreditation.

Capacity and capability development

To operationalise the skills academy and support ongoing sustainability, we support you with the recruitment and training of suitable academy employees. This includes identifying individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to join your team. We also design and deliver train the trainer programmes to enhance the capabilities of your existing staff, or local training partners, to develop their expertise to deliver the new training programmes.

Quality assurance and evaluation

To monitor progress and measure success, we have developed a comprehensive system that includes progress checks, reporting, and clear milestones to ensure that your objectives are met. Our goal is to help you achieve excellence through continuous improvement of the skills academy. Beyond tracking progress, we identify key return on investment metrics and utilise effective evaluation methods to measure the impact.

Marketing & communication

Our team work closely with you to understand your target audience and devise branding strategies that communicate the unique value proposition of the academy. From branding and pre-launch promotions through to establishing a strong online presence and launch event, our marketing and communications experts will ensure that your academy has a successful start.

“With the help and expertise from People 1st, we have set up a full training academy that will be a provider of specialised training courses in the fields of medical laboratory sciences, healthcare quality, capacity building, life skills and leadership.” Dr. Manar Agha Alnimer, Chair, The Academy by MedLabs, Vice CEO, MedLabs Consultancy Group

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