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Sectoral skills models

Revolutionise the workforce: Transform skills development with a sectoral, demand-driven approach

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Our experts work with industry partners, development banks, and government agencies to develop a sectoral approach towards skills development. Our goal is to help you create a demand-driven system that equips individuals with industry-relevant skills to support business growth.

Build a thriving workforce with a sector driven approach

A sectoral approach helps anticipate future skills needs to support growth and provides the foundation to take a demand-driven approach to skills development. It encourages collaboration amongst employers to address their talent pipeline challenges and helps to promote more effective partnerships between the private and public sector, aligning education and training to labour market needs.

Drawing on best practice developed over 15 years, we can help you to develop a tailored sectoral skills solution that meets the needs of a specific industry.

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How we can help

We will work with you to develop and implement the most effective demand driven solution for your industry. Our experts will help you engage and incentivise stakeholders, set up an employer-led structure, identify the most appropriate technical vocational education and training (TVET) systems, whilst sharing best practice lessons to help you achieve the most effective approach to workforce development.

Feasibility study for a sectoral skills approach

Our research and consultations with key stakeholders within the sector will provide you with valuable insights on the sector’s regional significance, potential future job prospects, sought-after occupations and skills and career pathways. Recommendations will outline the routes to establish a sustainable skills development ecosystem and support the presentation of a business case for a sector skills organisation (SSO) or sector skills council (SSC).

Strengthening governance structures and business planning

Our experts support existing SSO/SSCs to strengthen the design and the structure of the organisation. We work with you to advise on the management, regulation, board functions and the development of a governance road map. To advance your business strategy, we also help you to define a clear vision, mission, and objectives.

Engaging employers

Through direct collaborations or industry associations, we work with our in-country partners to enhance your engagement with employers of all sizes. We craft a tailored roadmap to motivate employers to drive the vocational skills system. By highlighting the undeniable links between investment in skills development and productivity and profitability, our goal is to help you empower businesses and drive economic growth.

Support partnerships with industry and public providers

We develop a strategy to identify and liaise with relevant stakeholders in the industry, such as government departments, training providers, donors and others. Our goal is to formulate structured agreements with industry and public providers through either partnership agreements, memorandum of understanding, joint alliances or other forms of structured agreements.

Sustainability strategy and financing model

To support a sustainable financing model, we work with the SSO/SSC team to develop a strategy that identifies income generation opportunities. We also highlight activities to contribute to sector skills development and create an action plan with timelines and responsibilities clearly defined.

Communications and marketing strategy

Our team of marketing and communication specialists, with a wealth of experience in working with SSCs in the UK and internationally, help to curate a comprehensive plan to showcase your SSO/SSC’s expertise, insights, and demand-driven solutions. At its core, our strategy is geared towards strategically positioning your SSO/SSC as a thought leader in the industry.

“It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend the services of People 1st International to facilitate establishing and strengthening the capacities of sector skills councils as well as supporting the development of short, medium and long term strategic and operational planning. The team delivered high-level expertise relating to labour market assessment and skills gaps analysis, responded flexibly to changing requirements and additional challenges during the implementation process, and respected the tight turnaround time of the project.” Gert Janssens, Liaison Officer VET Toolbox project Expertise Education, Training & Employment Enabel, Belgian Development Agency

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