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Talent management tools

When employees feel motivated, valued and connected to your business, it shows in their customer service and productivity – and on your bottom line. But how can you measure and transform your current employee engagement?

We offer a range of tailored tools and services to help your business and employees thrive. By assessing your current employee engagement levels and business culture, we can identify areas for improvement and the solutions you need to create a workforce that delivers for your business.


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360 degree appraisals

Our 360 degree appraisal service gives you a vital insight into your people’s skills, management styles and working relationships, helping you to benchmark and improve their performance.

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Training needs assessment

Our training needs assessment will help you identify your staff training and development needs and show you the skills your business needs to grow and develop.

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Career mapping tool

Our career mapping tool will help you showcase the career pathways in your business, so you can attract and retain the best talent.

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Training evaluation

Our training evaluation service measures the impact of your training programmes on staff performance and your business - helping you improve its effectiveness and show its return on investment.  

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Employee engagement surveys

Our employee engagement surveys will measure your staff satisfaction and give you insights into how to make your workforce more engaged, motivated and productive.

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