Trainer career pathway

People 1st’s trainer career pathway creates a unique, flexible, comprehensive in-house train the trainer academy for your business. Built and managed by our highly experienced master trainers, we train and license your internal trainers as part of a quality assured certification programme that offers nationally recognised training, and offers complete flexibility.

Built on five decades of expertise, our academies are licensed and quality controlled by our accredited master trainers. They will create a trainer career pathway that develops your trainers from entry level to the highest levels of trainer expertise.

Consistent training, delivered to the highest standards using modern techniques, helps employers manage their trainer capacity, reduces costs and increases skills across any number of operational procedures.

The result is a long-term, high capacity, efficient training culture that can also provide an effective tool to maximise your apprenticeship levy and ensure you have sufficient funding to achieve your objectives.

How it works


  • Create a high quality team of in-house trainers and training experts with management skills
  • Benefit from the latest standards and training techniques
  • Gain certified training skills qualified to a nationally recognised standard


  • Improves return on investment by increasing the consistency, quality and speed of training delivery
  • Improves efficiency by reducing costs by ensuring capacity meets demand whilst quality and productivity improves
  • Helps retain your staff through improved motivation by offering progressive, consistent training, skills and better career opportunities
  • Improves productivity through consistent, efficient processes, procedure and improved management skills and knowledge
  • Improves valuable brand ratings, reputation and net promoter scores through improved customer experience, online feedback and reputation
  • Control over where and when training is delivered
  • On-the-job training at every level whenever it is needed

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