Diversify your talent pipeline

78% of large organisations are actively seeking to hire more women; are you amongst them?

Studies prove that gender balanced businesses are better places to work, more profitable, more risk adverse and often more attractive to investors - and with recent headlines exposing leading brands for their gender pay gap, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to take proactive steps to address diversity and reduce the risk that any gender parity and pay discrepancies can have on their reputation.

Diversify your workforce to drive performance and protect the reputation of your business

Research also shows that having at least 30% of women in leadership positions adds 6% to net profit margin*.

So, with more and more businesses putting an increased focus on accelerating gender parity, and with government-backed reviews pressing ahead with proposals to ensure talented women at the top of business are recognised, promoted and rewarded - it’s critical that you act now to develop a highly successful culture that makes your organisation more attractive to talent and investors.

How we can help

We are superbly placed to help you diversify your talent pipeline, and develop and retain the best. We have worked with a vast range of clients, including one of the UK’s top three global banks, who used our diversity programme as a key component of their diversity strategy, resulting in a 10% upward shift in the number of women in the bank’s top 800 roles, and 8% in the top 500 roles.

We offer a range of solutions that can be tailored to your needs:

  • Gender parity report: With over 20 years’ experience in developing insights to support people development strategies, business planning and growth, our impartial research team will work with you to generate a data-driven profile of your company’s gender percentage ratios across all levels of employment, with a specific focus on entry, first line and middle management roles.
  • Development of a diversity strategy: If you want to make sure you get the best results from your diversity strategy, our consultants are on hand to help. We specialise in creating insight-driven people strategies for businesses and can work with your team to implement strong, efficient and measurable approaches to grow leadership, diversity and inclusion skills.
  • Step-Up 5 day development programme: Our Step Up programme will help your female managers transform their leadership abilities, giving them the skills and confidence to move up to the next level. The course is ideal for creating a pipeline of managers for succession planning - 90% of delegates improve their confidence, and over a third are promoted or take on new responsibilities shortly after the programme
  • Return on investment report: Supported by robust return on investment (ROI) reporting, diversity can have a measurable and meaningful impact on your strategy – with over 20 years’ experience in conducting training evaluations, our experts will show you the practical steps to evaluate training in order to understand your return on investment from your diversity development programme.

Let our experts help you demonstrate your passion to gender parity   

Our experts can share insights on how we’ve helped other like-minded business effectively implement diversity solutions and how our programmes can be tailored to your needs.

*The Peterson Institute and Ernest & Young

What our clients say about our diversity solutions

“We’re noticing more women saying that they have the confidence to put themselves forward for more senior management roles since introducing the Step Up training. We’ve had a number of individual success stories too – one of the managers who went through the programme secured a £450,000 investment for her venue using the tips and techniques that she acquired during the programme!“

Suzanne Peacock, group talent and development director, Merlin Entertainments

“We want women to be confident in putting themselves forward for more senior roles and to challenge the way things are done in the workplace. So, when I found out about the Step Up programme through People 1st, I felt it would definitely help us achieve this. We now see Step Up as part of our HR strategy and we plan to continue using it, as we know that change needs to start at middle management level where women so often tend to drop out of the workplace, or choose to stay at their current level,”

Sue Davies, head of human resources, Bourne Leisure