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Developing managers

If you want to keep your best staff, you need to make sure they’re being managed properly. Our management and leadership training programmes will give your managers the crucial skills they need to motivate, inspire and develop their teams.

These interactive courses will help you empower your managers; improving retention, supporting succession planning and boosting productivity – not to mention giving you more time and energy to focus on driving your business forward!


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Management 1st

The Management 1st programme gives new managers the communication skills and confidence they need to succeed and be effective in their role.

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Step Up

Step Up will help your female managers transform their leadership abilities, giving them the skills and confidence to move up to the next level.

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Management 1st Train the Facilitator

This coaching session will teach your people how to deliver Management 1st.

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Personal Branding

Our Personal Branding programme helps your staff develop and refine their personal images, so they can create powerful and lasting first impressions.

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