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Developing your people & development strategy

The introduction of the national living wage and the apprenticeship levy is driving increased focus on how employers maximise the investment they are making in their staff to result in tangible business benefits.

As a result, HR and learning and development teams need to demonstrate even more clearly how their people strategies will underpin their needs and provide the level of returns their businesses are seeking.

How we can help you

Our strength lies in helping you to retain your best talent and increase productivity. We can help you develop a strategy that will deliver results and mitigate against a range of key industry challenges.

We specialise in creating high quality, people development strategies that enable you to implement strong, efficient and measurable approaches to talent management.

Our team of experts can work with you to:

  • Help you to understand future trends and upcoming changes that will affect your people strategy, such as skills shortages and the potential labour restrictions as a result of Brexit
  • Keep your company ahead of the game on key industry developments such as the national living wage and apprenticeship levy
  • Create a strategy to effectively train and develop your teams
  • Build a measurement of effectiveness into your development infrastructure
  • Create clear career development pathways that will help motivate your team and encourage retention

Why work with People 1st?

  • We're the experts - our in-depth research into skills and workforce challenges enables us to anticipate shifting trends and align our solutions to your needs
  • We're impartial - we'll help you choose and manage qualified training providers that meet your needs
  • We deliver value - we measure skills development and training effectiveness to ensure return on investment


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