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The chef shortage

The 21st Century Chef

By 2022, the hospitality industry will need to recruit a further 11,000 chefs. But how realistic is this, given that employers report that chefs are the most difficult role to recruit for?

We're currently undertaking a large-scale piece of research which aims to understand where these 11,000 chefs might come from, identify the drivers for this demand and examine why employers are finding it difficult to recruit.

It will also aim to better understand the skillsets required of these chefs and the extent to which customer trends and technology are changing these skills.

The research aims to show:

  • The extent to which the demand for 11,000 chefs can be met
  • Why employers are finding it difficult to recruit chefs
  • The types of chefs employers are seeking to recruit
  • Job seekers' attitudes to becoming a chef
  • College chef students' attitudes towards entering the industry
  • The impact of chef shortages on businesses
  • How consumer changes and technology are changing the skillset of chefs
  • The role of technology to help offset the chef shortage
  • How businesses are training and developing their chefs and progression opportunities available
  • Best practice to attract more chefs into the industry and develop them

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