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Becoming an apprenticeship provider

The government is introducing a new register for apprenticeship training providers which will be available from March 2017. Only providers on the register can be paid public funding to deliver apprenticeship training.

The purpose of the register is to give employers confidence that providers have the capacity and capability to deliver good quality apprenticeships.

There are three routes on the register of apprenticeship training providers:

  • Main route: these providers can be selected employers to deliver apprenticeship training, or selected by another main provider to work as a sub-contractor
  • Supporting route: is for providers that offer a specialism and only want to deliver as a sub-contractor
  • Employer-provider route: employers that want to provide training to their own staff and have flexibility to lead their own apprenticeship training or act as a subcontractor to their appointed main provider. A guide has been produced for employers thinking about becoming an employer-provider.

All of the above routes are subject to Ofsted inspection.

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Providers on the register

The first round of applications onto the register closed at the end of November 2016. Therefore, it is expected that the government will announce the first set of providers on the register by March 2017 at the latest.

Once the result of the first round of applications has been announced the register will open for further applications four times a year. All providers then need to reapply every 12 months to maintain their registration.


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