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External quality assurance

The end point assessment of all apprenticeships must be externally quality assured to ensure that they are valid, consistent and reliable across apprenticeship assessment organisations (AAOs).

For the hospitality, retail and travel end point assessment, there is an employer-led process which is managed on behalf of industry apprenticeship boards by People 1st.

People 1st is implementing a quality model for the external assurance process that involves a number of supporting elements to ensure an evidence based approach is taken. This aims to provide assurance that the end point assessment methods designed, developed and delivered by AAOs are fit for purpose, holistic, reliable, deliverable, cost effective and independent. Part of the quality model involves the risk based monitoring of AAOs by People 1st.

System requirements

We are currently testing a beta version of the EQA system. Key stakeholders are invited to take part in this process . If your organisation would like to be involved please email eqa@people1st.co.uk. The system ‘go live’ date is anticipated to be in the autumn of 2017, prior to any end point assessments on the hospitality, retail or travel standards.

Your feedback and questions can be sent to eqa@people1st.co.uk.

Common approaches and test specifications

Common approaches, incorporating the test specifications as referenced in the assessment plans, are now available to organisations on the Register of Apprenticeship Assessment Organisations for those standards. Once the online system is fully operational, AAOs will access these resources directly through their account; however in the meantime, AAOs are requested to contact eqa@people1st.co.uk and the documents will be provided by email. The contents of these documents remain sensitive and their contents must not be shared outside of the AAO.


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