Training evaluation

Measure the impact of your staff training

Training evaluations can help you to establish clear objectives, improve the effectiveness of your training, and show the return on investment that training has had on your staff performance and business.

We understand that it's important for businesses to be able to identify what they want to change or improve right from the start, and then consider the best way to achieve this. Our approach to training evaluation has helped businesses to think about how they plan, deliver and evaluate training to maximise its impact and effectiveness.

The evaluation process

To make sure you're getting the most from your training, we establish a strong and effective process to measure the return you're getting on your investment.

We use questionnaires, knowledge and skills assessments, and look at changes in performance and behaviour to identify business impacts. We also work out the cost and benefit of training, including non-financial benefits, to give you a complete picture.

Our approach is based on six key steps:

  1. Clarifying training objectives
  2. Developing a monitoring and evaluation framework that has key performance indicators
  3. Working out how we're going to collect data
  4. Carrying out additional research with managers and employees
  5. Analysing the data we've collected and writing a detailed report
  6. Working out a return on investment using financial data

We collect information about your training that follows Jack Phillips' five levels of training impact evaluation.


The model we use can help you to understand the:

  • Problems or opportunities the training is addressing
  • Results that can be expected from the training
  • Changes that need to be made to make sure the training fulfils its potential
  • Financial impact resulting from the training

We also provide information about how you can measure your own return on investment and what areas you need to look at.

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Find out more or request a training evaluation for your business.

Make an enquiry

Find out more or request a training evaluation for your business.

Training evaluation case study

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